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If She Says 'I Do'

Alice V., Colorado Springs, CO By -alice-, Colorado Springs, CO

“The second I saw you, I despised you. You were beautiful, popular, and outgoing while I was a shy, pimple-faced nerd. You were the cheerleader-type, the girl next door, and I was the dork who got swirlies everyday before sixth period.

“It was during a writing assignment in the tenth grade that I really started to know you. It was a fake diary entry that we paired up on to grade each other’s papers. My entry wasn’t faked, and I had a feeling yours wasn’t either. At that moment, we connected.

“Our first date was the drive-in movie theater. We saw a romance about a young couple and the boy had gone off to war and was killed. It made you cry, and on the way home, you sobbed all over my new sweater.

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