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The Promised Truth

By MercedesXO, South Easton, MA

It's the crazy, drastic secret
That you would never want anyone to know
The one that would leave you mortified
So you promise yourself-
Just one person.
They're my best friend
I know I can trust them with this secret.
Whispered urgently
Perfected reactions
Filled in-between electrified silences
*Gasp!* No Way!
Wow, I honestly can't believe it...
And so your promised tale
Began his remarkable journey of transition
Said friend tells her other best friend
Who in return notifies her best friend
All concluding with the same pitiful dramatic line--
But you have to promise you won't tell anyone....
It's a secret.
All devastating betrayals
Secretly suspected from the very beginning
You knew the secret would slip
Please, who did you think you were kidding?

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