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armed 6

By bennyB, memphis, TN

As I walked in to see Valentine I saw a big red spot on the wall with a trace to the floor were Valentine was on the floor dead. I kept my cool and did not scream. I out the lunch on the floor and I walked over the dead body it appears that she was shot one time in the chest. There was something on her hand it was a note. I took it from her hand and opened it “Rachel be careful with what you do. There are rumors about you and all the officers. Keeps your friends close to you because you never know who is on your side. I have a bad feeling about Raly keep him in sight too. Be careful with what you do with McNeil I know he is not bad, but still. I’m going to drop out of this place next week when I complete my plagued years I wish you the best of luck.

I hide the note in my pocket and went to get help.

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