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You Were Blind But Now You See (Ch. 1)

By LiteratureWriter, Seattle, WA

Let me, the TARDIS hummed as if nothing was wrong.

Do what? The Doctor kept his feet on the console and his hands behind his head as he hummed an old Gallifreyan melody.

Let me help him. The TARDIS shook slightly as she began to take flight. Which was still unnoticed by the oblivious Time Lord.

'Wait, what?' he said aloud, finally snapping from his jolly trance and noticing the hum of engines that he'd absentmindedly ignored.

The Time Lord's feet slipped from the console as his concentration snapped to confusion. He struggled to regain balance, bracing his hands on the chair's sides. He briefly managed to maintain his balance before tumbling to the grated floor below.

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