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Do Teenagers No Longer Know How to Have Fun?

By dogdaysareover, Cranford, NJ

It seems like today teenagers don't know how to make their own fun without getting drunk. Remember playing man hunt at or having a movie night with your best friends? Were those times so bad that they need to be replaced with raging parties? I don't want to sound like a nerd by saying I have a good time playing scrabble or obsessing over Taylor Lautner's abs with my best friends on my Friday nights, but that's what's fun for me. I don't know why teens feel like they need alcohol in the first place. I have never gotten drunk, but we all know the effects of it. Making regrettable mistakes while drunk and being hungover doesn't seem like much fun to me. Sometimes I think, well maybe everybody drinks because they are stressed. I don't think that's an occasion for a party, though. I personally have been through multiple breakdowns due to a seemingly endless amount of homework balanced with clubs and sports.

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Who said that we need alcohol to have fun? And if that's what some teens like to do occasionally let them it's not affecting you everyone has their own form of fun so stop killing everyone's vibes
May. 03, 2016 at 10:45 AM • Report