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~Secrets Unraveled~ (part 1)

By Babygurl_101, N/A, CA

it is finally a new year, and Kayla is starting this year off fresh. her mom has started her off in a new school. she has been keeping a huge secret from her mom. what her mom didn’t know about her daughter is that she was a vampire. through all of stress, she has forgotten to feed and she is starving. while she is supposed to be going to school, she decides to go and feed instead. slowly she heads out to the forest, and makes sure she isn’t being followed. Kayla has been very careful not to get caught. While feeding off of an innocent little dog, a boy comes by and sees Kayla feeding. Before Robby could say anything, Kayla threw a rock at him, and knocks him out. While he is knocked out, she finishes feeding and goes back home… Her mom found out that she had ditched school, and her mom kicked her out of the house. So now Kayla must go to school, and figure out where she is going to live.

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