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Smoldering inside you

By rishro, Baldwin, NY

There's smoldering evil inside everyone, but sometimes it ignites and grows larger and is never extinguished and consumes the person, mauling with its claws of hatred, at their hearts and souls. The second being inside rips through you, revealing itself. Possessing you. You're no longer yourself. People don't recognize you. They leave you. Abandon you in the cold deathly grip of evil. Who are you now? Doubting yourself and others? And now you no longer see light, now you see the darkness I see. Night or day, complete darkness surrounds you. Now only you can see the demons lying within everyone. Peoples faces are deformed, voices distorted. No, you're not crazy , my child. You now see everyone for who they really are. Now you work with me... Lucifer.

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