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Is America Forgetting Who We Are?

By amehndi, Plainsboro, NJ

Nine years ago, our country’s heart was torn to pieces when terrorists murdered thousands of innocent people by ruthlessly knocking down the soul of Manhattan. The Twin Towers represented our country’s strength and power. When we visited New York City, we were filled with a sense of pride, fearlessness, and freedom. We were on top of the world and nothing could hurt us… And then someone did. Notice how I say someone did. One person. Maybe two. The pilots who hijacked the plane could have been brainwashed and promised with lies. They were living in poverty and promised with financial security for their families if they agreed to carry out the act. In the end, only a couple of people truly wanted the planes to crash, the towers to go down, and the Americans to die–certainly not an entire religion. A phobia of Islam and Muslim people has been one of the worst aftereffects of 9/11, with too many people assuming that just because the group behind the attacks, Al Qaeda, is Muslim based, the entire religion of Islam preaches murder.

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