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The Love Song Prophecy: Blood, Danger, and M+Ms

By AEAluvsanimals, Yorba Linda, CA

Jamais knelt before the Annacaa, transfixed by it’s serene beauty when standing still, the lion like body, it’s coloring too magnificent to be compared to any earthly hue. Its face was a delicate painting stretched across the canvas of muscle and bone that was the epitome of strength.
He could still hear the running, shouting of the foot soldiers behind him. He knew they fought for the enemy, that they would add him to the list of people, planets, worlds; they had destroyed-seemingly for no reason. Jamais didn’t care. He had a mission to carry out, but for the moment, it too was far from his mind. The Annacaa’s beauty was the only thought in his mind.
“I know why you are here, child.”
Jamais trembled at the bell like clarity of the voice, and his mission snuck back into his head, “So you will help us with,” he looked over his shoulder, at the approaching soldiers, waving swords, clubs, and just out of range crossbows, “Them?

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