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Role Model or No Model?

By krazyk, Modesto, CA

Sometimes I wonder why people look up to celebrities. Some of them are good role models, but others are not worthy of being a role model. A good role model is someone who rarely does something so awful that it's publicized on the news, and someone who does good with the time they are given.

Children look up to celebrities a bit too much. Whether it be dancing seductively like Britney or using bad language that you hear sometimes on interviews, it's never good for a child to be exposed to. Of course some of these celebrities like Demi Lovato, etc. do good things for other people, if they do end up doing something they will later forget, it will be put on the spotlight for all to see, including the children who look up to them.

I feel that sometimes children need to be reminded that celebrities are just normal people; they are not a god. Nobody should look up to them and follow all of their ideas, well...when they're bad.

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