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Unremembered Secrets - Chapter 3: Draven

By Ebonykitty, Naples, FL

I walked into Language Arts class and saw her sitting in the back corner. I dropped my backpack on the floor and sat next to her.
She watched me suspiciously as I pulled a new notebook and a pencil from my book bag, “Hi.”
“I’m Ebony,” she hesitated.
“Draven,” I looked her over but my gaze locked onto hers, her light grey eyes flecked with a rainbow of colors that left me skeptical they could all blended into one, leaving me hypnotized, “You’re new here, right?”
“Is it that obvious?” She ran her fingers through here jet black hair and gave a half smile.
I laughed, “Everybody knows.” She gave me a questioning look so I explained, “There aren’t many secrets you can keep at this school, especially if Cam and his friends know about it.

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