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Late Night City Streets.

By sarahh_xo, Yorktown Heights, NY

Late night city streets were the perfect backdrop for something unexpected. It was almost midnight, and the salty-sweet smell of roasted chestnuts still lingered in the air, even though the street vendors were long gone. The last Broadway show had let out nearly an hour ago, and the city air was thick with silence. The echoes of past tourists were finally fading away. There was something that seemed a bit off; anyone passing by the apartment building on 38th and Broadway would sense it. But luckily for Jess James, no one was around. It was time to get away.
Jess awoke with a start. Her phone was buzzing beneath her pillow. She checked it. Oh right, she thought. I set an alarm. Silently, she crept out of bed and pulled on dark skinny jeans, a black shirt, and her black converse hi-tops. she grabbed her purple tote bag on her way out the door.

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