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Panem vs. Today's World

By emily12321, Kansas City, MO

Does some type of struggling dominate current society? People first think of children or families dying of starvation. Digging deeper illustrates that people are struggling on many levels, including both the people of Panem and the ones living in America. Panem is closer than thought. Panem and the contemporary society have many similarities. There are many parallels and differences involving survival, physical appearance, punishment, and control in Panem and today's current world.
First of all, struggle is one important part of Panem and the world today. In District 12 the struggle for food is unbearable. On the globe today families in many countries are also working very hard to fight hunger. Lots of the children with no food are dying. According to the World Food Programme, one out of every six people in the world today is hungry.

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2 comment(s)
If we look even further, actually Panem is not USA but our world. The capitol is countries like USA, Canada, European countries. Difference is that these First World Countries seem Democratic and Liberal, but in reality behind democracy, how media spreads it they are acting horrible beyond their gates. Districts are actually second and third world countries. First and Second districts are countries which are just peripheries and follow First world and adore them. Like Eastern Europian countries which are wealthier than others, but still not core. While others are struggling. For example: India, Ghana, Zimbabwe and countries like this. Actually from the countries where half of people die from hunger and half by infections, almost everything is imported to the First world countries, where everyone is in comfort, with education, medical care and in no-war zone. While secretly first world countries are warring almost everywhere beyond their boundaries. Even a person working in McDonalds in countries like Denmark and Canada can buy a yacht. While people in Africa are struggling, because of no-education,medicine, or food, add to that constant wars which add extra horror to their life, not only between them, but with America just to get oil from other countries. Many First Worlders are "sad" for violence abroad, but actually they don't care, but even if they care a little don't do anything. They have so many things to do: Chat with friends for 3 hour, go to Glen Coco's party, look good to be liked by a crush, do a 5-minute homework to become wealthy in future and than watch tons of serials and movies. The message of the Hunger Games, is that there is no USA, or Indonesia, or Britian. There is just one - Humanity and our world. We are all same and have equal rights. But books end desperately, Suzanne says thats impossible to make ideal "unified world" without violence and dominance, but at least we should try to make it a better place.
Aug. 15, 2017 at 3:05 PM • Report
I like the part about both presidents. There is a strange similarity, don't you think?
Aug. 27, 2013 at 7:30 PM • Report