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What I Live For

By Emily-G, River Falls, WI

I Live For…..
I live for words on a page,
The things I learn,
My coming of age,
The day I leave this place behind
And enter into a brand new time,
I live for the laughs I share
With relatives and friends that care,
I live for someone to say
“I love you, please be here to stay,”
I live for the sun and surf,
The water is all my home turf
I live for what I create,
The words I speak,
The facts I state,
I live to see my name in lights,
I live to battle in all fights
For myself and who I call friends
Until such a relationship ends,
I live for where rivers fall,
And for my sister at her call,
But what I hope to live for most,
Is to remember my grandfather’s ghost
A man I loved when he was around,
My love for him is easily found
This is what I Live For…

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