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Do Over

By sarahh_xo, Yorktown Heights, NY

The first day of school.

Girls and boys everywhere loathe that first moment when you walk into homeroom, not sure who you will sit with, not sure if your outfit is good enough, not sure if your best friend from last year is now besties with the queen bee because they went to cheer camp for six months together while you were at band camp.

I mean, whats the worst thing that could happen? Someone knocks into you in the hallway and your books go flying? You slip and fall in the cafeteria while everyone is watching? The nerdy boy that lives next door sits next to you in bio, making that annoying girl behind you say “OMG, are you guys going out? That is SO CUTE!”, not to mention the boy your lab partner for the whole year?

No, thats not the worst. I mean, you can pick up your books and pretend like nothing happened.

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