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Dusty Halls

By haylzebraz, Memphis, MI

They laugh,they walk,they glow all over. Run through the dusty halls, running from nothing. Secrets fly from ear to ear,just a garbled game of telephone. So carefree, and so full of laughter. They are a school of fish, a herd of zebras, a pack of lions.
I see them all the time as they walk through the hall, because I am one of them. A fish, a zebra, a lion. Part of eachother, secrets, lies, despair, I hear it all. Then you leave. You tell them you're switching schools. You try to break the news easy, carefully. but the piece of information has no soft side, just sharp edges. They cry, they beg, wail. Your last day they plead with you to stay. Your heart is ripping in two. You swear to them you will see eachother all the time.You embrace the new changes though. Soon a sea if new faces start to swallow up your old memories, replace them with new.

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