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The Things We Do....Chapter 2

By AshenRose, Branson, MO

“Mom!” I screamed, lurching upwards. My gaze flashed around the darkness surrounding me, my breathing quick and uneven. Cold sweat chilled me to the bone and made my flesh feel gross and clammy. How did I get back in my room? I thought to myself as my heart rate began to come down and my mind registered my surroundings. There were my posters and sketches cluttering my walls, the black oak bookshelves piled high and full with books, sketch books, and manga. Half-finished canvases leaned against the far wall waiting to be completed. The half-closed closet spilled its contents out onto the floor like an over-stuffed teddy bear. Cds lay all around, from Tchaikovsky to Slipknot. Had that really happened, or was it all just an unpleasant nightmare? Shakily, I ran my fingers through my too-long bangs.

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