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I Am Free

By Meli14, Othello, WA

On this lonesome evening, A march afternoon. The lights are off in this dark place, all I can see is the image I hold in my thoughts. "Him" the man. He's tall, light skinned, and dressed in torn clothes, I can't see him anywhere. I'm hiding under A blue aged table covered with thick clear plastic. I lay there trying not to make sound, but my throat does not let me. My lungs do not let me lie there in silence, I cant help it but cry.
All I can think about is not being able to get out of this abandon shack. If I get up he will hear the noise of the plastic sweep across the cold concrete, but if I stay here what will happen to me. The shameless man, what will he do to me if he captures me, I do not know.

If only escaping was an easy procces just as it sounds; leaving, running away.

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