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A Little Push

September 30, 2010

By AkLore, Orem, UT

No one understood.
I’d been suffering with this,
For far too long.
But maybe this all,
Was too delicious a sense,
To spit out.
It was time to decide.
To choose.
All I needed was a little push,
In either direction,
It didn’t matter which,
Just one.
I trudged along,
Searching for the nudge.
A stop sign said no.
A green light said yes,
Don’t you want to see,
What’s on the other side?
I passed a window,
Where sound burst forth,
Threatening to shatter,
My eardrums.
Maybe I’ll go inside and choose.
The sound of the bell,
On the door,
Is inaudible.
Yet, hopeful.

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