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Peeps by Scott Westerfield

By sweetcaroline2339, Staten Island, NY

Though Peeps may bring to mind images of sugar coated marshmallow bunnies, this new novel is far from a sickly sweet read. It’s a faced paced science fiction novel, seamlessly blended with adventure, romance, and even a little horror, leaving you turning the pages and craving for more.

Author Scott Westerfield joins the vampire craze with his new novel, Peeps. His novel features teenage protagonist, Cal, who happens to be a vampire. However, the similarities between this book and other clichéd vampire stories end here. Westerfield describes vampirism scientifically, and describes it as being a disease.There are no magic or supernatural forces involved. This disease is cause by parasites, and the term “vampire” is used rarely in the book. It’s referred to as parasite positive, or peeps for short.

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