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Dreams of an immortal with a hint of arsenic

By robertservis, brownsmills, NJ

Centurys to ponder but only seconds to truly live, all this time to myself, but really its not mine nor yours to give

lovers gone and lovers past, my destiny, shallow may it be can only be cast

in lights shallow, with misery and pain so vast
bestowed with nothing more than what? a gift ? a curse? some terrible pun?

with not even something simple to tie myself to not even the god himself, not even the sun

so here i sit, eyes of want and hands of lust, the powder smells of ash, color of my cuticals, my eyes begin to water , never before have i seen something so beautiful.

The mix is quick and tastes of piss, it to be my one way out , i love the taste, long as its not a miss.

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