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Latent Larry

By Dragonscribe, West Lafayette, IN

His momma called him Latent Larry. Latent Larry was a small green frog with no particular talents at all. This was why Momma Frog referred to him as latent, in the hopes he had some latent ability just waiting to burgeon.

Latent Larry was daft when it came to mathematics, useless when it came to science, and clumsy when it came to art. Momma Frog couldn’t get him to read a single tome, render one painting, or even stop to ratiocinate a bit. Her life’s dream was to see him become the paragon of frogs, but nothing he did was meritorious, and the only thing Latent Larry was deft at was talking.

Latent Larry was verbose in all conversation. He was horribly loquacious, and for him a synopsis was an endless tale with way too many details.

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