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Camp Real Life

By Janae88, Manhattan, KS

”Oh my gosh!” I said as I was walking home from school. I was talking to my friend Amber. I couldn’t believe it was the last day of school. I was ready for summer to begin. I, Ashley was ready for summer camp. When I got home I started planning my summer day-by-day, hour-by-hour for after I came home from camp. When I get back from camp I always have 5 weeks before school so I plan what I will do. I walked up the stairs to see if my older sister, Sabrina was home. She was and I went into her room to see what she was doing. As I plopped down on her cozy bed, she was putting on some makeup and looked like she was going to go out. My sister was very eye-catching. She had ash brown hair and blue-green eyes that light up in the sun. Sabrina always looked gorgeous and she had the talent too.

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