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Death As All Else Dies

By qtepa2ti, Broomfield, CO

Death is inevitable. If we would stop to think about our lives, we would see how susceptible we are to the dangers of the world, how easily Death could come knocking at our doors. Honestly, when the time comes, we shouldn’t be surprised that he got an invitation and gave his RSVP to the party long, long ago. The fact of the matter is, mankind is nothing more than mortal, prey to the supernatural, otherworldly, or whatever else is out there that we put faith in.

But as I walked down the stairs this morning and looked out the window, I saw a darkened sky hanging above the colored treetops as fog clung onto whatever it could hold onto in a passionate embrace. Everything was still and calm outside in the world, and it filled me with an eerie sense of peace. In that moment, my morbid mentality pinched me and sent a thought my way that I hadn’t expected.

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