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By allezy, charlottesville, VA

The boy lay crippled and bleeding on the sidewalk. His body was in a distorted position with his arm bending the wrong way. About a hundred feet away, a group of boys laughed and pushed each other playfully. The biggest one looked back at the fallen boy and began another fit of laughter.
A teenage girl shook in fury as she knelt by the boy. She was called Pierce, true to her name she stood and ran after the gang with jagged rocks in her fists. Pierce pelted them at the group, and they ran, leaving trails of blood. They ran back to safety, they ran back to the gates.
She walked slowly back to the boy on the ground. He was gasping for air, and blood mixed with saliva fell from his lip. Pierce carefully eased him into a sitting position, hearing cracks when he moved.
“If you can, tell me your name so I can find your family” she said.

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