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Immortalized Hearts

By AshenRose, Branson, MO

There is a tale that, long ago, there was a beautiful girl with hair and flesh like moonbeams, and eyes that could pierce the soul. Her mother dressed her in vibrant silks and lace like patterns of frost. Her mother named her Fynnavhair.
When Fynnavhair was a very young little girl, her mother unknowingly took her to a Goblin Market. Therein, magnificent creatures of all shapes and forms gathered to trade and barter. That fateful day, Broadinan, King of Faerie, saw little Fynnavhair and became taken with her. So besotted with her was he, he watched after her as she blossomed into a gentle, kindhearted maiden from afar, his heart growing fonder of her by the day. But as his love for her grew stronger, his magic touched her, and she became more like a faerie. She could not lie or stand the smell of iron. She found herself daydreaming incessantly and dancing by moonlight, stars and in the rain.

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