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Into Thin Air~ Chapter 1

By NeverFallTooHard, Hartford, WI

Ann Marie looked up into the sky, which stood a content black with speckles of bright white stars covered by an errie layer of clouds. The moon was full and an ominous feeling flooded over her as a the crisp fall air penetrated her stripped black and grey hoodie. Her fine black-brown hair blew around her face, which was dusted with light freckles. Ann Marie's face stayed content, her amber eyes tired and drooping with deep purple wrinkles.

"You should come in," A sweet as honey but troubled voice called from behind her. Ann Marie turned around, to see her mother's young face look older, tearstained and exasperated. Black steaks lined her thin, almost see-through cheeks. Bruises covered her arms. Her father was drunk, and angry.

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