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Words cannot describe...

By kao-chanu, Central, UT

The other day I was in my 12th grade (senior) English class. I signed up for the class, even though I am a junior, because I wanted to be in a class with mature, intelligent students, that I could relate to. (I am a fast reader and an exceptional writer) But I was extremely shocked to find 90% of the males in that class had a reading level of 7th grade or lower!

On this particular day in English class, I was assigned to read in a group that consisted of me and 3 other boys. (All of whom are in that 90%) We alternated reading paragraphs at first, but if we had continued that way we would have never finished before the class was over. (By the way, it was only a 2 page long chapter.) They decided I would go first. So I did. And when I was done it was the first boy's turn. "Th-th-th-th..." I heard come from his mouth.

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