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The Clockwork Three by Matthew J. Kirby

By WritingWithInk, Plainsboro, NJ

Three kids. One story. The Clockwork Three, Matthew J. Kirby’s first book, tells the tale of three kids connected in some way and uniting their stories as one. Like The Golden Compass, their adventurous journey is filled with hardships but also friendships. Like Flipped, each chapter is written with different points of views. Like The Invention of Hugo Cabret, magic is involved leaving readers with curious wonders.

Set in the Victorian period, three characters, Giuseppe, Fredrick, and Hannah, work their way towards their own individual goals with each other’s help. The talented violin player, Giuseppe, earns money by playing on the streets. One day, he finds a green violin and "did not think it would help him escape." He worked for a cruel padrone, Stephano. On the other hand, Fredrick was an orphan.

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