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Alternate Ending to Breaking Dawn (part 2)

By TeardropsInApril, Hillsborough, CA

I huffed. Then I looked at him. Yeah, let’s do this.

I wasn’t even worried about the part where I get hurt. I was worried about the lies. What if Bella finds out? What would she do? She would certainly try to get back with her precious little parasites again if she found out. Let’s hope she doesn’t find out. It would kill her. And she would basically hit me with a crowbar. Like that would hurt. It would be like throwing a wooden block at a normal human. It’s all like ow, then ten seconds later you forget about it.
“Let’s hope.”
Gee. Too bad Edward can’t read Bella’s thoughts. It would annoy the cr*p out of her then we wouldn’t have to do all this.
“It will work,” Edward whispered. Reassuring himself more than me.
Edward recovered, straightened, then looked at me.

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