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A Summer in the City (The Inevitable Path of the Girl With No Name)

By icefaerie10111, Exeter, RI

A Summer in the City

June 20th of a year of no importance, a date any average person would forget in the course of time. However, as I will now mention, the remarkable characters in this story are by no means average or ordinary by any measure. It was that particular Wednesday, a cold, dreary Wednesday, to be more specific, that she first opened her eyes. As most people will tell you, when asked, a cold concrete sidewalk on the side of the road is not the best place to find yourself waking up on in the morning, but the girl did just that.

It was Maple Street on June 20th of that particular year not worth mentioning that she first saw the sky. As the girl slowly opened her eyes she found herself staring into the hazy skies of what could be none other than South Cassaige, spread with a thick layer of smog colored clouds that poured dirty rain into the girl’s eyes that she had just now opened.

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