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By 0311BulletSpongeUSMC, Broomfield, CO

So I don't know who or what made me this way, What I do know is she changed me. I never had the life i wanted. I was hanging with the wrong crowd, doing stuff that I shouldnt. I never started a fight, but I never backed out of one either. Up until her a girl was just a girl, But when I met her my life changed. We had our ups and downs, we broke up a few (okay eight) times. But I knew that if she could do that to me, and she could make me care. She had to be the one I'd get with. Well, 14 months later, a whole junk load of hateful words and being mad at each other, we're back together. We're back together and she swears this time is the right time, and I told her I'd give her as many chances as I could. But theres a catch. She lives in another state, and I'm going into the Marines next year. She says she'll wait. But I have this feeeling in the pit of my stomach that it'll be Dear John for me.

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