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The Photograph Girl

By ReadingFanatic, St. Louis, MO

“Take” The man’s voice said, and a flash of a camera went off. Almost immediately did a small girl’s head pop up, and carry the camera to the developing room.
She was small, around 5 feet. Her once tweed-brown thick hair, had became so-dark-it-looked-black limpy hair, and her tan skin had became a pale white. Why? Do you ask? It’s because she hardly see’s the sun. She’s enclosed in a dark, non-heated room, her only light camera flashed, and the light bulb in the developing room. She’s not sure how long she’s been doing this. Now, years, months, and days have no effect to her. The only thing she keeps track of is the hand going to six twice a day. One six to start in the morning, and the other six to end her shift, at night.
Sure, people stare. Who wouldn’t with their tan skin, and bright colors, is taken aback by a girl who’s pretty much black and white?

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