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One Is Greater Than None This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By chellygen, Lynbrook, NY

In the spring of 2007, when I was 14, I saw an episode of “Oprah” titled “The Boy That Oprah Couldn't Forget” and was shocked to learn that children from Ghana, Africa, were unknowingly being sold for as little as $20 by their families into a life of servitude. I was heartbroken that this could be happening.

Ghana seemed very far away, but then I found out that the International Organization for Migration helps sponsor rescue missions to save trafficked children. With a group of seven friends, I decided to try to raise the $4,300 needed to save one child, who would be provided with rehabilitation and then reunited with his/her family. This cost includes counseling, career training, education, and health care.

With the help of our parents, we started a nonprofit charity that we called “One Is Greater Than None” because we thought that saving one life was better than doing nothing at all.

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