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When I'm Gone; Prologue

Kaitlyn S., Auburn, AL By unwrittenlove, Auburn, AL

Prologue-March 29, 1992

I heaved the black duffel bag onto the window sill and let out a sigh. A slight breeze blew through the window, caressing the back of my neck. I shuddered involuntarily. It was unseasonably cool for this spring night in Georgia.

Suddenly, my dad’s snores ceased and I froze one leg already over the sill. I heard them start up again and I released a long breath. I eased my leg back in and shoved the bag out of the window. It landed with a soft thump on top of the other bags already on the grass below.

I let myself have one last look at my room. The full moon outside cast shadows against the bare white walls. A lone mobile hanging above my bed twirled as the wind hit it. My closet door was open, showing me bare shelves and an empty clothes rack.

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