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Love Letters

By Boppsta, Wantagh, NY

“Alright, so tell me something I don’t know about you,” I said to Lucas as we walked along the sidewalk.

We had met at one of my friends’ parties and-after I got over the fact that he had accidentally tripped and spilled his drink all over me-he actually turned out to be a really nice guy. When my friends got me cleaned up and into someone’s pajamas and a pair of flip flops, I was about to walk home by myself, but he offered to accompany me. He said it was the least he could do to make up for his clumsiness.
“My favorite color is blue,” he said.
“Umm okay I was hoping for something a little deeper than that, but I didn’t know that so I’ll take it,” I said.
“Okay, you go,” he said.
“Okay, well you know how everyone communicates by text and e-mail these days?

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