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Three Guards part one

December 1, 2010

By Stormyflight, Arlington, OH

Fire rained down from the sky, blood and oil turning the sand to thick mud. Otherworldly tracks marked the slop and dark nightmares filled the sky, ghostly wings beating silent. Three figures stood atop a small ridge that oversaw the hellish scene, each of them stranger than the last. A heavy-set young man sat in the sand behind the other two, a strange contraption crafted out of plumbing pipe held up to his cheek like a rifle. Where his right leg should have been lay a wrecked prosthetic, cracked and useless. Just slightly ahead and to his right a young woman no older than 17 loosed heavy arrows from an enormous longbow that looked to be crafted from living light.

Bat-like terrors suddenly broke the blackened sky diving towards the archer, too many for her to handle alone. The third figure, a white haired elderly man suddenly stepped forward, an ebony revolver gripped in his hand.

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