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Dear Nate....

November 30, 2010

By Healing_Angel, Sydney, Australia

Dear Nate

I don’t really know what to say or how to start this, but I guess I’ll start from what’s happened to me since you left and go from there. So many things have happened and so much has changed. I’m not so defensive anymore and I’ve got friends now: Harriet, Olivia, Gervais, Jamie and you, of course! I’m now studying at the U. I got the acceptance letter a few weeks after you left. Thanks to Gervais, I got 91% on my Calc test! A few days afterwards, I opened that gift you gave me on Valentine’s Day. I love the earrings, but it feels strange without my necklace. I miss it, but that life is in the past now. I’m moving on.

I handed in my English research project. You know, at the start I thought, “Great, I picked something I neither want nor have” but I’ve leant that there are many definitions of family.

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