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Dangerous Discrimination This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Anonymous, Lyman, ME

For many years, I was confused about my sexuality. I needed to learn to follow my heart. I had to stop thinking that I wanted to be heterosexual, because I knew deep down that I wasn't. The sooner I learned to accept myself, the sooner others would accept me, but I held back, afraid of what my friends and family would think. I wondered every day who I was, who I was becoming, and whether people would accept the real me.

Anti-gay language hit me by the fourth grade and degraded me 'til seventh grade. I can never change the remarks I've dealt with, tried to push away, and attempted to ignore. I was hurt and scarred for life. Why did others try to ruin my childhood in this way? I'm sure you see the discrimination and hear the harassment; you even may be the one doing it. Why do you do it? Why don't you stop it?

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