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When I'm Gone; Chapter 12

Kaitlyn S., Auburn, AL By unwrittenlove, Auburn, AL

Chapter 12-August 12, 2001 (Claire)

“No way,” Alex exclaimed looking at the black walls in my classroom. He flicked his gaze back down to the small object in my hand. I laughed and nodded.

“Yep.” I tossed the yellow balloon in my hand. I was careful as not to pop it. Alex glanced at me, dumbstruck.

“I don’t know,” he started doubtfully. I cut my eyes at him and stuck out my tongue.

“Do you want to go first? or shall I?” I interrupted him. He shook his head.

“Um, you can,” he said and took a few steps back, away from me and the wall. I laughed again; that time, making me sound like an evil prowess.

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