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By S-Chique00, Dundalk, Ireland

I surveyed the picturesque scenes displayed before my eyes. Basking in the mesmerising glow of a raging heart was the plush, inviting lounge and its sole occupant, a portly tabby cat. The partially open curtains revealed the dense layer of snow on the manicured lawns which lay beyond the frosted window pane. Its pure, glittering, unrefined whiteness was magnified by the subtle shades of winter which dominated the room; exquisite poised Tiffany lamps with olive and raspberry hats, beaded cushions on opulent armchairs upholstered in burgundy and ruby Paisley prints, and an elegantly moulded, mahogany mantle, strewn with shiny holly branches and polished picture frames. An ornamental Oriental rug completed the ensemble.

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