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The Autobiography of Saer Slouman: The Trials of a Very Big Chicken.

By Maria H., Brooklyn, NY

A Chicken only lives about 10 years, even a giant chicken like me, Saer. In my short existence of eight years I’ve faced more hardships than most humans would in their 80. Born an outcast from the human’s war WWX on April 23, 4073, I was mutated along with so many other harmless chickens. Who would have thought that an X-Bomb would mutate the chickens of 5 different countries to enlarge in size and gain intelligence? Not the stupid humans, who are now under our unmerciful control. We have gone through so much to fix the world they have destroyed. Chemical peels for the now ugly, beak reconstruction, and radiation skin care products had to be given out free to all the poor. Well, most of us worked hard to fix things. I just like picking up chicks. My life has actually been pretty sweet despite the identity crisis I faced when I was younger and being born a decade after the bomb fell.

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