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Temptations of the Vine

By anatomyofthewrittenword, Shrewsbury, MA

The rain is falling; the thunder's bawling
As he sits there beneath the gray and gloomy sky.
He takes a breath, takes a drink
and lets the last of the memories die.
The pain is fading; the day is waning
And he's losing more than he's gaining.
The sun is sinking; he stops thinking
Instead sits back, breathes, and starts drinking.
His life is gone; he’s all alone,
No one to call family and nowhere to call home.
He sits out on the steps, just him and his glass
And one more day comes to pass.
Time is slowing; his mouth is sour
The rain drops off to a shower.
His consciousness begins to slip

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2 comment(s)
i could read your writing all day long keep it going:) i mean it you have so much talent.
Feb. 05, 2013 at 5:01 PM • Report
I second the motion. I'm literally reading everything you've posted and I meant to read everything & then write one general post expressing my admiration for your work as a whole...but I just can't resist commenting on each. But yeah: amazing job. Reminded me of Poe's The Raven in structure...
Feb. 22, 2013 at 1:45 AM • Report