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Believe it or not.

By chocolateluvr, ashburn, VA

Believe it or not.
“Raindrops fall down to Earth, but teardrops fall down my cheek.”

I heard nails scratching against a window, felt the presence of the wind catching up to me to throw me back down, and saw a faint glowing blue light that was subsiding as time went by. I was about to die. It was a sudden thought but, I was locked between the haunted tree that swallowed people, who would never come out again, and the monster that was about to attack me from behind. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t move. All of a sudden I found a person who was motioning forward with his hands. I took the sign as to follow him. At that moment I didn’t care about the tree or the monster who was falling me. For some odd reason I felt safe and secure because of the luring of the stranger. Once he started escorting me to a place I have never been, I realized that person in front of me looked very much like my father that had died in a car accident eleven years ago.

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