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seasons change

emily p., cedar rapids, IA By brunett97, cedar rapids, IA

when the seasons change and summer turns to fall,we start school again. when fall comes, the leaves fall off the trees and flutter to the ground. when fall comes, it starts to get darker earlier. when fall comes, the temperature falls as well.

when the seasons change and fall turns to winter, we have more holidays. when winter comes, we play inside more because of the cold. when winter comes, it begins to snow. when winter comes, we cover up from the below freezing temperature and all the while, the outside stats whiter then your brightest whites.

when the seasons change and winter turns to spring,we see colors again in a whole new way.when spring comes, the birds fly back north. when spring comes, the flowers bloom and blossum. when spring comes, the children bounce and spring around, waiting to play ouside.

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