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A Nightmare Come True

By NightStalker, San Diego, CA

I had a terrible day today. My alarm clock didn't go off, my English teacher was more creepy than Edgar Alan Poe today, I have a flu so painful that it out ranks being stuck in a room with Justin Bieber, my ankle practically twisted off my leg, Mom and Dad have been screeching at me and everything else ever since they got home, and to make matters worse, the monsoon is up rooting trees and making craters in the clay. Well, at least the power still wor... never mind. I'll just double up the blankets tonight and just pray that I can sleep well.
Suddenly, I awoke from a horrid nightmare. Olaf, the scientist, and the thing from the hearse were all chasing me, seeking my blood. At least I am safely snug in my bed in my room. Whoa! The wooden gate crashed (and most likely disintegrated on contact) to the ground, followed by a howl so terrifying and other-worldly, Satan and God probably both fainted out of fear.

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