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For the Twi-nerds, zoids, and haters. I promise you we'll grow out of it.

By BrainsANDBeauty, Donnellson, IA

First thing first: I used to be a Twi-Hard. As ashamed I am to admit it, I have shirts that I made saying "Jasper's Angel". I lived, breathed, and loved Twilight to the point of insanity, as did my close-knit group of friends. We watched the movie on the opening night and then spent hours talking about it, pulling it apart.

When I first read Twilight I was not impressed. But then people began talking about it. Now, I have read a lot of books. Enough to probably fill a library, but Twilight was one I remembered, so I caught on to the craze. I read Breaking Dawn the day it came out, and followed closely.

I bought toys, clothes, buttons, and candy hearts Twilight-Themed. I adored Stephanie Meyer, and read and wrote fanfiction.

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