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By J.Francoise-Marie, Hanover, MA

Do you want a heartwarming story of when I was a girl?
Baby, I could spend days reminiscing ‘bout my 2-mile-wide world
Rows of white houses, and sidewalks, and big grassy backyards
But darling, ice cream and ballet class only gets me so far.
Is this what I am? That old American Dream?
What with my TVs, peanut butter, and designer jeans?

Honey, I come from the men who died long before my birth
But that didn’t stop them from leaving their families and sailing halfway across the earth
Is this what Great-grandfather pictured, a hundred years before
Twelve-hour days at the laundry, trying to send home a little more
Alone in a foreign country, just to give the unborn a foot in the door?

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