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Can You Feel Me Now? (part 3)

By Leona123, Kokomo, IN

Chapter 4

“Jack, are you STUPID!” Kane screamed after him.
“Sophi!!!” Jack hollered. When he was 5 feet from her, the bus was 3 yards away and was coming fast.
She turned around and he reached out to tackle her. The bus horn blared, as he leaped, grabbed her, and pulled her to the nearest snow bank. She screamed as they fell into the snow. Jack tried to shield her as much as possible from both the snow and the bus. He felt the air speed past them as the bus rocketed to the street.
“Are you okay?” Jack asked. There was no answer. He glanced down at her; her eyes were closed and she was barely breathing. “Sophi? Sophi!!” his heart almost shattered. This couldn’t be happening to him and her. He hadn’t even had the chance to meet her yet and she hadn’t had the chance to live.

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