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Piece of the year

January 4, 2011

By BrookXoxo, Andrews AFB, MD

Something is absolutely crucial to every special Christmas. It isn’t fancy or expensive gifts, nor how abundant the amount you spent on every person, but the Christmas Tree. Whether fake or real, it is the basis of Christmas. It is what almost makes Christmas, with the exception of Santa. And mine may be fake, but every ornament has a meaning and a creator. The presents may be few, but it brings the Christmas mood. My Christmas Tree is located in the messy living room.
On the top of the Christmas tree is and Angel tree topper from Germany. Real feathers make her white wings that almost rise above her porcelain head. Elegant acorn brown porcelain hair falls behind her wings gracefully. Her petite and whitened hands are wrapped in a elegant silver wrap with glitter randomly sprinkled on the wrap.

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